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Pradeep Khadka

Pradeep Khadka (aka Pradip Khadka, प्रदिप खड्का in Nepali) born in 1992 March 10 in Lalitpur, is an award-winning Nepali actor, filmmaker and a model based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sabeena Karki

Sabeena Karki (aka Sabina Karki, सबिना कार्की in Nepali) is a popular radio jockey or a radio personality and a journalist in Nepal. Sabeena started her career as a radio personality with one of Nepal's most popular FM stations, Radio Kantipur, and spent more than a decade there, producing and running various entertainment programs.
Shilpa Pokhrel

Shilpa Pokhrel

Shilpa Pokhrel (शिल्पा पोख्रेल in Nepali) is a Nepali model, beautician and an actress based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shilpa is popular for her role in dozens of music videos that she did during her career as a music-video model, and also for her controversial relationship with Nepali film producer and director Chhabi Raj Ojha.

Chhabi Raj Ojha

Chhabi Raj Ojha (aka Chabi Raj Ojha, छविराज ओझा in Nepali) is a popular Nepali film producer, distributor and director. He is best known as the ex-husband of popular Nepali movie star Rekha Thapa.
Steve Phan

Steve Phan

Steve Phan is the husband of popular make-up artist and social media celebrity Promise Phan (Tamang).

Gore Bahadur Khapangi

Gore Bahadur Khapangi Magar (गोरेबहादुर खपाङ्गी मगर in Nepali) was a Nepali indeginous activist, leftist politician, a teacher and a former minister for Women and Children Affairs.

Jeevan Bahadur Shahi

Jeevan Bahadur Shahi (or Jiwan Bahadur Shahi, जीवन बहादुर शाही in Nepali) is a Nepali politician belonging to the Nepali Congress Party. An aeroplane pilot by training, Shahi represents Humla constituency 1 in Nepal's parliament.

Sita Devi Yadav

Sita Devi Yadav (सीतादेवी यादव in Nepali) is a Nepali political leader belonging to the Nepali Congress Party. In March 2016, Sita Devi was elected Nepali Congress party's treasurer during the party's 13th National General Convention in Kathmandu.

Khemraj Gurung

Khemraj Gurung (aka Khem Raj Gurung, खेमराज गुरुङ in Nepali) was a Nepali look dohori, folk singer who came to media limelight after his second album's single Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna became an instant hit upon release in Nepal.


Prachandapath (aka Prachanda Way or प्रचण्डपथ in Nepali) is a communist revolutionary political thought created by Nepal's Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. The ideology is inspired by Peru's Shining Path and is named after Pushpa Kamal's nickname Prachanda.

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