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Jolly Amatya

Jolly Amatya is a Nepali youth activist based in the United States. In 2016, she was appointed the Youth Chair of the UN Youth Assembly.

Ujwal Thapa

Ujwal Thapa is a Nepali youth activist, entrepreneur and the chairperson of Nepal's youth-led political party BibeekSheel Nepali Party. Before joining active politics in 2013, he initiated several start-ups and led some of them into success. He is one of the co-founders of Entrepreneurs for Nepal, a platform that inspires Nepali entrepreneurs to network and coordinate; and Nepal Unites campaign, an active citizenship campaign.
Khusbu oli

Khusbu Oli

Khusbu OliĀ (1990-) is a Nepali model and a social worker, living half of her time in Nepal and half in the UK. Khusbu came to...
pukar malla

Pukar Malla

Pukar Malla is a Nepali youth activist, economist and a community organizer and innovation specialist. He is a co-founder of Nepal ko Yuwa.

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