Lisa Boothe

Lisa Boothe (aka Lisa Marie Boothe) is a political commentator and a communications strategist based in the United States. Boothe is the founder of High Noon Strategies, a political communications and public affairs firm that offers communications and PR solutions primarily for public and private institutions, political campaigns and policy lobbyists.

As of 2016, Boothe serves as the president of High Noon Strategies and frequently appears on TV debates and panel discussions in popular TV channels, including Fox News and CNN. Booth also contributes political commentaries and op-ed pieces to the Washington Examiner, an American political journalism website based in Washington, D.C.

Boothe, a shrewd and provocative commentator, has touched upon a number of issues in TV debates and op-ed columns. In November 2016, she was accused of using false claims to argue that poverty reduction strategies in the US had failed and welfare program were not producing good results.

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lisa boothe
Lisa Boothe
native-name NATIVE NAME: Lisa Marie Boothe 
birth-date BIRTHDAY: 26 October 1977 (TBC)
birthplace BIRTHPLACE: Ohio, USA
education EDUCATION: BA (as of 2016)
profession PROFESSION: PR Strategist  
notable-work FAMOUS FOR: Political Commentary 
height HEIGHT: 5’ 6”
relationship BOYFRIEND:  John Bourbon Cummins (possibly)
nationality NATIONALITY:  American 
ethnicity ETHNICITY:  Caucasian 
religion RELIGION:  Christian  
salary SALARY 2 million $/annum 
 net-worth NET WORTH:  10 m$ (est.2017)
children-icon CHILDREN: None (as of 2017)
social-media-links FOLLOW ON:
facebook twitter instagram
youtube personal-website  linkedin


Early Life & Education

Lisa Boothe was born on 26 October 1977, in Virginia, Washington DC. She spent her childhood in DC growing up with her three siblings. Boothe joined the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2003 and graduated in 2007 with a degree in Political Science and Government.

In an article written for a Fox news website, Boothe mentioned that she had received the “political bug” from her father. Reportedly, she grew up discussing politics with her father who used to worked on Capitol Hill for a senator.

Boothe is also an avid sports-lover, who played field hockey and lacrosse as a teenager. She won two state championship rings and was captain of her lacrosse team during her senior year in high school.


Boothe worked as a Staff Assistant at US House of Representatives from 2008 to 2009, and since then she has mostly taken up jobs in the field of campaigning, media and communications. She was the Assistant Press Secretary of the National Republican Congressional Committee from July 2009 to January 2011.

Boothe has served as Communications director for several US politicians and their election campaigns. She was the Communications director of Sandy Adams’ campaigns for Congress as well as US House of Representative. She took the same role in Tommy Thompson’s campaign for the US senate in 2012, Mark Medows’ bid for US House of Representative in 2013 and Shelley Moore Capito’s campaign for US House of Representative in the same year.

She was a Senior Director of Black Rock Group, a Virginia-based strategic communications and public affairs consultant firm, for nearly two years. Boothe moved to Washinton DC in autumn 2015 and worked as the Vice President of Political Polling and Public Affairs Research. In January 2016, she founded her own firm High Noon Strategies and, as of 2017, works as its President.

Since March 2016, Boothe has been a contributor to Washington Examiner and a contributor to Fox news channel since October 2016. Sandy Adams for Congress

Lisa Boothe: Criticisms & Controversies

Lisa Boothe is a stauch supporter of the Republican Party and US President Donald Trump. Some of her articles she wrote for the Washington Examiner have been criticised by Democract supporters, but also by independent media analysts.

In an op-ed piece she wrote in November 2017 in support of the US President Donald Trump, she strongly opposed what she called Donald Trump’s continuous indignation and stated: “Politics is a dirty industry. Many of the people criticizing him have spent plenty of time playing in the mud. They could at least wipe themselves off before handing down hypocritical moral judgments on others.”

Boothe has been a strong critic of the US mainstream media houses (esp. of the New York Times, and CNN) during and in the wake of the 2016 US Presidential elections.

Personal Life

In 2017, a few tabloids reported speculating that Boothe was possibly dating John Bourbon Cummins for a long time as they were spotted romancing on social media. As of November 2017, the relationship hasn’t been confirmed by the couple.

Lisa Boothe has said in media interviews that she maintains a very close ties with her family, specially with her parents and her three brothers. She owns a dog which she has named Bella, which is a Cavalier King Charles.

In a media interview, she defined herself as an independent and stubborn personality and mentioned that taking long walks on the beach with her mother was one of her favourite hobbies. She has often said that her father has been a mentor and a sparring partner for her.

Lisa Boothe on Social Media

Boothe maintains an active social media life and is present on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. She also has a personal website. Boothe has actively used social media platforms to campaign for the Republican party and its candidates. She has been a vocal critic of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party candidates.