Ins E Yazdan

Ins E Yazdan is a Pakistani actor, model and a computer science professional. He is the younger brother of two popular Pakistani actresses Mawra Hocane and Urwa Hocane.

In June 2016, the Express Tribune, a popular English-language daily in Pakistan, reported that  Ins-E-Yazdan, following her sisters’ footsteps, debuted his acting career through the popular TV serial Udaari. The series, where Yazdan’s sister Urwa plays the lead role, is produced and run by the HUM TV Network.

As of late 2016, Ins-E-Yazdan is, reportedly, pursuing a university degree in information sciences at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia.

Early Life & Education

Ins-E-Yazdan was born in 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan. His father Mushtaq Hussain worked as a Major General in the army and his mother is a housewife. Due to his father’s military postings in different parts of the country, he spent his childhood in different parts of Pakistan.

Ins E Yazdan in 2015. Photo: Instagram
native-name FULL NAME: Ins-E-Yazdan
birth-date BIRTHDAY: 1994
birthplace BIRTHPLACE: Karachi, Pakistan
profession PROFESSION: Actor, model  
height HEIGHT: 5’ 10”
education ALUMNI: UNSW, Australia 
relationship GIRLFRIEND:  Aaima Mushtaq (as of 2016) 
nationality NATIONALITY:  Pakistani 
ethnicity ETHNICITY:  Asian
religion RELIGION:  Muslim  
family-members FAMILY MEMBERS:

Mushtaq Hussain (father)

Mawra Hocane (sister)

Urwa Hocane (sister)

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Ins-E-Yazdan has two elder sisters, Mawra Hocane and Urwa Hocane. Both sisters are established actresses in Pakistan. His sister Mawra also appears in Bollywood movies. Though his both sisters have changed their surnames to Hocane, he still maintains his ancestral surname.

Yazdan attended Beaconhouse School System, a prestigious private English-medium school in Pakistan, with an aptitude to further his career in computer sciences. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was a student of National College Of Business & Management Sciences (NCBMS), Islamabad, for three years, from 2012 to 2015. 

In mid-2016, he moved to Sydney in order to pursue a higher education degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia.

Ins-E-Yazdan: Career As an Actor

Though Ins-E-Yazdan did take up a short acting role in HUM TV’s Udaari series, there have been no announcements of him entering into the entertainment industry like his sisters. Nonetheless, according to Pakistani media reports, he shares his sisters’ passion for acting and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Ins-E-Yazdan with her sisters Urwa & Mawra. Photo: Ins-E-Yazdan Instagram.

In addition, It has been reported that as a young actor, he did, in fact, performed various roles in local dramas that his sisters were enthusiastically participating in.

Personal Life

In August 2016, Review PK, an entertainment reviews blog based in Pakistan, reported that Ins-E-Yazdan had been dating Aaima Mushtaq. Photos of the couple have also surfaced online. 

Ins-E-Yazdan is reportedly very passionate about cars and enjoys playing musical instruments. He is also reported to be very active on social networking sites and maintains active accounts on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and